• COMD Curriculum Committee- Major Modification Curriculum Proposal – 2015-2016
    Description: The Department of Communication Design has modified the BTECH and AAS Degree structure to meet the accrediting requirements of the National Association of Schools of Art & Design (NASAD).
    Role/Responsibilities: Proposer. Assembled and submitted major curriculum modification proposal.
  • COMD Curriculum Sub-Committee – New Course Development – 2015
    Description: Developed a new course in visual design theory, Design Theory COMD3504, required course for all COMD majors to meet the accrediting requirements of the National Association of Schools of Art & Design (NASAD).
    Role/Responsibilities: Proposer/Author. Researched and developed new course in Visual Design Theory with J.Mason and D.Wong.
  • COMD NASAD Steering Committee – 2013-2015
    Description: The COMD NASAD Steering Committee was formed to direct a process for department accreditation from National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD), The Committee submitted an application for accreditation and is in the process of making adjustments to the Curriculum based on feedback from the NASAD report.
    Role: Committee Member | Chair: Robin Michals
  • ADGA ePortfolio Initiative – 2013-2014
    Description: To research and coordinate the implementation of student ePortfolios in ADGA First Year Foundation Courses to link academic learning with future career goals, cultivate and document their “creative design process”, practice thoughtful written self and peer critique, begin student work documentation for senior portfolio preparation, help with student advisement and curriculum assessment
    Role: Coordinator

Please refer to 2016 Promotion PARSE for documentation of above activities.

  • ENT Curriculum Committee
    Prof. David Smith, Chair | Role: Member/MTEC Developer | 2007-2010
    Activities: Developed full proposal for MTEC BTech degree, submitted and approved by College Council and CUNY.  Additional duties include reviewing and approving proposed curricular modifications and advising faculty proposing major and minor modifications.
  • ENT Website / Branding Committee
    Prof. Jenna Spevack, Chair | Role: Chair | 2007-2010
    Activities: Serve as point person for changes to College Website, ENT and related productions sites. Designed and developed sites for a new Emerging Media Technologies ProgramHaunted Hotel, and Theatre Works. Working with Faculty to integrate new technologies that will improve accessibility and ease of use, and unify department brand across all Entertainment Technology sites. Researched and proposed solutions for improved update process, internal project development, and newsletter/mailing list application to improved student contact and announcements.
  • ENT Personnel Committee
    Prof. David Smith, Chair | Role: Member/Sub-Committee Chair | 2007-2010
    Activities: As Interactive Entertainment Chair, wrote and advertised new hire job descriptions to relevant institutions. Reviewed all incoming applications and arranged interview, class presentation and open lecture for candidates. Successful hire of new faculty, Damon Baker. Review and approval of promotions of untenured faculty. Attend interviews, lectures, and review applications of applicants for all applicant/positions.
  • ENT Recruitment Committee
    Prof. Sue Brant, Chair | Role: Member | 2009-2010
    Activities: Worked with Faculty and Communication Department to create branding, print, and web assets for current and new department programs, advertisements for new courses, and general recruitment for upcoming High School and College Open Houses.
  • ADGA – ENT Liaison
    Role: Coordinator | 2008-2010
    Activities: Strengthen relationship between ADGA and ENT departments to help facilitate current and future curricular collaborations and provide student support.
  • ADGA Curriculum Committee
    Prof. Joel Mason, Chair | Role: Member | 2003-2007
    Activities: Authored multiple versions of an ADGA curricular redesign and new Narrative Design concentration. Additional duties included reviewing proposed curricular modifications, advising faculty proposing major and minor modifications, and coordinating update of all AAS and BTECH syllabi for Accreditation and Middle States Review.
  • ADGA Website Committee
    Prof. Aida Mysan, Chair | Role: Member/Programmer | 2002-2007
    Activities: Contributed to development of site structure/information architecture. Lead programmer for new ADGA Department web site (authored code was used for subsequent School of Technology & Design sites). Collaborated with Profs. Mysan, Gulliani, Biehl, Michals and Goetz to complete and launch current website.
  • ADGA New Media Certificate Sub-Committee
    Prof. Wortzel, Chair | Role: Member | 2002-2003
    Activities: Developed a proposal with Professors Mysan and Wortzel using existing courses for a New Media Certificate.
  • ADGA Grace Gallery Committee
    Prof. Maria Giuliani, Chair | Role: Contributor | 2003-2004
    Activities: Designed and developed web-based interface, consistent with Department graphic identity, to display all digital work presented in the annual ADGA student shows.
  • ADGA Seminar Series
    Prof. John McVicker, Chair | Role: Member | 2004-2005
    Activities: Reviewed speakers, helped promote events.
  • ADGA Department Assessment Committee
    Role: Coordinator/Chair | 2004-2007
    Activities: Coordinated assessment surveys for AAS and BTech exit courses and compiled Internship Survey data for AAS and BTech Internship students. Created an ADGA Assessment website to collect and organize all course and department assessment data. Compiled, organized, and assessed the Department Computer Hardware and Software needs and made recommendations to Department Chair.
  • ADGA Grants & Industry Committee
    Prof. Tanya Goetz, Chair | Role: Member | 2006
    Activities: Worked with Profs. Goetz and Wortzel to develop a listing/database of department grant and industry contacts.