• Major Modification COMD Curriculum Proposal –2016
    Description: This expanded proposal grew out the proposal submitted Fall 2015 and a desire to simplify the COMD program; offering fewer concentrations, more flexibly and improved job preparedness for all students and graduates. “After two years of program outcomes assessment, an ongoing accreditation process with the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD), and extensive internal discussion, the department is putting forth a comprehensive solution that removes impediments to student success in the structure of the department’s degree requirements and addresses weaknesses in student achievement.”
    Role/Responsibilities: Curriculum Committee Member. Including authoring new course in Design Theory.
  • Major Modification COMD Curriculum Proposal – 2015-2016
    Description: The Department of Communication Design has modified the BTECH and AAS Degree structure to meet the accrediting requirements of the National Association of Schools of Art & Design (NASAD). This proposal was the kernel of a much larger proposal re-submitted by the department Fall 2016.
    Role/Responsibilities: Proposer. Assembled and submitted major curriculum modification proposal. Including writing new course in Design Theory.
  • New Course Development – 2015
    Description: Developed a new course in visual design theory, Design Theory COMD3504, a required course for all COMD majors to meet the accrediting requirements of the National Association of Schools of Art & Design (NASAD).
    Role/Responsibilities: Author, with J.Mason and D.Wong.

Please refer to 2016 Promotion PARSE for documentation of above activities.

  • BTECH Emerging Media Technologies Curriculum*
    Role: Codeveloper | 2007-current
    Activities: Worked with Prof. Insook Choi to develop a Letter of Intent and Full Proposal for a new interdisciplinary BTECH program in Emerging Media Technologies, including the design and development of program requirements, scheduling, overall curricular structure, new courses, employment opportunities, articulation agreements, equipment needs, promotion materials, and guided the LOI and proposal through the College Council and CUNY approval process. Curricular development and promotion activities continue.
  • New course Development
    Roles: Primary (^) Author and Contributor | 2007-2009
    Activities: Contributed to the following courses from conception through approval.

    • MTEC – Design Foundation^
    • MTEC – Narrative Design^
    • MTEC – Ecological Design^
    • IMT1101 – Introduction to Media Design Process^
    • IMT1102 – Introduction to Media Design Production Practices^
    • IMT1100 – IMT2400 – Media Skills Lab^
    • ENT – Topics and Perspectives
    • ENT – Interdisciplinary Team Project
  • ADGA BTECH and AAS Curriculum Redesign*
    Role: Designer | 2005-2007
    Activities: Developed two innovative curriculum proposals for the AAS in Art & Design and BTECH in Communication Design to help alleviate some of the issues facing the current curriculum structure; specifically to integrate foundation-level web design and video courses, which would make the curriculum more competitive and help students make informed decisions when choosing their BTech concentrations. Created a curriculum development plan for a new Visual Narrative concentration for students interested in animation, game design, and graphic novels/comic book illustration.
  • Web Standards Integration
    Role: Course Coordinator for Web Sequence | 2004-2005
    Activities: Researched emerging web standards practices and updated Web Design courses to give students solid background in XHTML, CSS and accessible design. From 2004-2007 City Tech was the only college in NYC and one of few in the country that offered courses in standards-based web design, giving our students a highly marketable and competitive skillset.
  • Course and Concentration Coordinator
    Role: Coordinator for Vector Art, Advance Web Design, Web Design, 2D Animation, Intro to Media Design Process, Intro to Media Design Practices, Design Foundation | 2003-2007

    • Curriculum Consistency: Developed a standardized syllabus for each course. Shared course outlines and guidelines with new and current faculty, as well as interested students.
    • Adjunct Faculty Liaison: Coordinated meetings and communications with Adjunct Faculty to ensure consistent curriculum across sections.
    • College Catalog Content: Updated course descriptions to reflect current applications and techniques being taught.
    • New Faculty Search: Helped develop new hire job descriptions for Interactive, Web, Game and Visualization Designers in preparation for the new department hires.
    • Software: Evaluated and coordinated the purchase of new software.
    • Concentration Sequence: Evaluated and re-organized the Web Design and Media Design Concentration curriculum to reflect current web standards, accessibility issues, and contemporary design methods and to create more consistent curriculum between course levels.
    • Adjunct Hires: Searched for qualified new-media professors, Jay Van Buren, Katy Gardier, Daniel During.