As an educator and an artist, I am committed to staying abreast of advances in creative media and bringing emerging techniques, skills, and ideas to the classroom. I am also interested in the study of verbal and non-verbal communication tools to create a more productive learning environment for my students.

Recent improvement activities have included the following workshops, courses, and independent new skill study:

  • WAC Fellowship and Certification Summer 2022
  • Model Course Initiative Summer 2020, Spring 2022
    Program leader and resource developer as OpenLab Co-Director. Participated in Model Course building for COMD 1100 and COM3504
  • OER Fellowship, Spring 2019, Spring 2022
  • First Year Learning Communities Program, Fall 2013 – Fall 2019
  • Independent study: Visual Design Theory, Communication Methods and Models, Learning Styles. 2015-2019
  • Master Composter Certification, NYC Compost Project, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, 2012-2013
  • Natural Building 5-day Intensive, Mark Krawczyk, Seven Generations Natural Builders, Fall 2010
  • Permaculture Certification, Andrew Faust, NYC, Spring 2010
  • WordPress Theme Development using PHP, semester-long study, Spring 2009
  • Second Life Building/Scripting Basics, 3 week independent study, Spring 2009
  • Wearables Workshop, 4 hour workshop presented by Prof. Dan Mikesell, Spring 2009
  • The Art of Connecting, Continuing Education course at the School of Visual Arts, NYC, Spring 2009
  • Drs. Hours, 4-hour workshop presented by New York Foundation for the Arts, NYC, Fall 2008
  • City Tech Safe Zone, seminar and training to be a Safe Zone mentor.
  • Introduction to Voice Overs, course at the Actors Connection, NYC, Winter 2007