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  • Emerging Media Technologies Kiosk
    Project Presentation Kiosk | Role: Designer/Coordinator | 2009
    Activities: Collaborated with Profs. McCulloh and Baker to develop a stand-alone kiosk for presentation of Emerging Media student projects for program recruitment at department events and productions.
  • Emerging Media Branding / Recruitment Materials
    Print & Online Advertising | Role: Designer/Developer | 2009-current
    Activities: Designed and developed print, web, and social media promotion materials, including branding, site design, structure, and written content.
  • Graphic Communication Arts Citywide Competition
    Web Design | Role: Judge | 2003- 2006
    Department of Education-Advisory Council for Career & Technical Education
    Activities: Created a rubric for judging student work, awarded and presented prizes.
  • College Open House
    ADGA Department | Role: Department Representative | 2003-2004
    Activities: Provided materials and guidance to interested students and parents, held guided tours of labs and facilities.
  • Art & Design Careers Advisory Commission Liaison
    Dept of Education of the City of New York | Role: Liaison | 2002-2003
    Activities: Attended periodic meetings of the Committee with Prof. Lloyd Carr.
  • High School of Art and Design Liaison
    Role: Liaison | 2002-2003
    Activities:  Spoke to High School students on behalf of ADGA & Citytech.
  • Graphic Communication Arts High School
    Role: Liaison | 2005-2006
    Activities: Introduced standards-based web curriculum to Mr. Bob Leibow at the Graphic Communication Arts High School to reinforce current relationship with that school.
  • Student Orientation and Showcase
    Role: Faculty Organizer | 2005
    Activities: Held event with Prof. Mysan and other new media faculty intended to inform students about the ADGA Department’s video/web/multimedia offerings.
  • Student Support and Advisement
    Role: Advisor | 2002-current
    Activities: Participate in both department scheduled in-person and independent online advisement throughout the year. Curriculum and career advisement for students looking for part-time and full time employment, and internship positions in the web design and entertainment production fields. Wrote letters of recommendation for several students applying to graduate programs, grants, and scholarships.