Statement of Engagement and Outcomes

Prior to becoming a professor at the NYC College of Technology, CUNY, I had taught couple courses in printmaking at the Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University. While my teaching efforts had an impact on some students (several students went on to major in printmaking and others went on to respected positions in the field), I never felt our time together had any considerable bearing on their lives.

In contrast, I have observed that the students I’ve taught and mentored at CUNY have made great leaps forward in their professional, creative, and personal lives. They in turn have had a considerable impact on my confidence as an educator.

What I discovered from my CUNY students is that I am a good teacher. This has less to do with my skill or accomplishments as an artist, but more to do with my love of learning and ability to facilitate the creative learning process.

It is my job to provide a trusting, stimulating environment to nurture new ideas, to encourage critical thinking, and to promote learning independence.

In this section, please find the examples of teaching effectiveness including: