Major Projects (exhibited during the last five years)

Treetones TourA temporary site-specific installation where hand-sewn fabric flags are sewn and tied to specific trees in park-like locations. The flags, made from bark rubbings from the trees, utilize tiny bells that blow in the wind to add acoustic awareness. Through a self-directed walking tour, visitors will be guided by the subtle sounds produced by the “singing trees” along with a map to help locate, identify and learn about the trees. This project was exhibited on Governors Island May and June 2016, reaching thousands of visitors throughout the exhibition. Research into other possible locations for this installation is in progress. | FILE

 InsideOut HouseInsideOUT House is a binaural audio installation that simulates the experience of solitude within a natural soundscape using reclaimed materials. This portable, near-soundproof chamber in the form of a rustic outhouse aims to mimic the restorative binaural experience of being outside in nature by isolating and enhancing the aural sense, while minimizing the visual. It was included in exhibitions in Hudson, NY and at the BRIC Biennial Sept-Dec 2014 and featured in reviews of the exhibition. | FILE

Seeding the CityA participatory, site-specific project exhibited at Pulse Miami during Art Basel featured furniture farms and a collaborative drawing to support Verde Gardens in Florida. It was reviewed as part of this high profile, high-traffic event (thousands of visitors per day). This project was also exhibited at Franklin Works in Stamford CT. | FILE

Birds of BrooklynA grant-funded, community-based, public audio installation and website highlighting Brooklyn’s endangered and bygone birds. The project was reviewed in several media outlets, including a feature on ABC News. This project is on-going at several Brooklyn locations, including Metropolitan Exchange Building, Willowtown Gardens, and Monti Building. | FILE

8 Extraordinary GreensA participatory project exhibited at Mixed Greens in New York City, which explored through interactions with gallery visitors the value placed on food and artistic social practice. This exhibition was reviewed in dozens of media outlets with exposure in the thousands. This project continues via community workshops/classes on “household agriculture” and will be featured in an upcoming November 2016 exhibition at Building 92 in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. | FILE

Plastic Albatross: A community eco-media project to educate Brooklynites about toxic chemicals in everyday products and encourage sustainable, plastic-free living. Project included a reference website, workshops, and community outreach. | FILE

Graphic Design / Web Projects:

Park Slope Food Coop / Environmental Committee 2010-current
Description: Design and distributed slideshows, handouts, videos to support Environmental Committee proposals and initiatives to reduce plastic use. Promotional design and branding for floor displays and printed matter. Organized and presented a proposal to Phase Out Plastic Roll Bags at the Park Slope Food Coop, participant in sustainability-related community events, and contribute articles to the LineWaters Gazette and EcoKvetch blog.
Role: Committee Member / Designer
Documentation: Logos | Handouts | The Shopper URL | Proposal Video URL | Proposal Slideshow-URL |

 Theater Voices – 2004-current
Description: Website design and maintenance for community theater group, Theater Voices, based in Albany, NY.
Role: Designer/Developer/Webmaster
Documentation: | Website screenshot

Works in Progress

 OvertonesA public audio installation that aims to create aural connections to natural environments through the harmonic tones generated by wind harps discreetly installed in trees, abandoned buildings and on bikes. This project was featured at LMCC Open Studios on the Governors Island in May and June 2016. Another iteration is in progress using a PSCCUNY Grant to create and install aeol instruments in exhibition and public spaces. See 19.3 and 19.4 below. FILE

“Wood,” Group Exhibition at the Brooklyn Navy Yard gallery in Building 92, scheduled to open November 30, 2016. A new Microfarm based on my exhibit, 8 Extraordinary Greens, and sold on will be exhibited. FILE

I-Park’s 2017 Site-Responsive Art Residency & Biennale
Application submitted for this on-site artist residency, which will be devoted exclusively to the 10 – 12 artists/designers who will be invited to create new works for the exhibition. I have applied to create an installation of my PSCCUNY-funded “Overtones” project. FILE

2017 Sunroom Project Space at Wave Hill – NominationI was nominated to submit an application for a solo exhibition at Wave Hill Project Space. I have submitted an application to create an installation of my PSCCUNY-funded “Overtones” project. The Sunroom Project Space is a venue for New York-area emerging artists to develop a new body of work or site-specific project as a solo exhibition in one of the two sunrooms (the Sunroom and the Sun Porch) in Wave Hill’s Glyndor Gallery. FILE

“Seeing Water” Curated Group Exhibition, Woskob Family Gallery at Pennsylvania State University, Ann Tarantino – Curator
The exhibition will explore work that uses water as medium, subject matter, or both, through a variety of lenses (formal, social practice, material, and otherwise). The exhibition dates will coincide with the opening of Penn State’s new Water Institute, slated to open in the 2017-2018 academic year. FILE

Please refer to 2016 Promotion PARSE for documentation of above activities.

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2010 Dropping: Aural Anamorphosis
Interactive audio installation based on overheard conversations
2010 Birds of Brooklyn –
Community-based aural landscape (funded by Brooklyn Arts Council)
2009 COAC 2009 Newsletter
New York Council on Adoptable Children (COAC)
Designer – full-color 6-page newsletter in English and Spanish
2009 Brooklyn is Watching –
Relational Second Life / Real Life art & research project
with J.Van Buren, D.Carroll, B.Kizelshteyn, B.Harris and S.Zucker
2009 Plastic Albatross –
Eco-media Research Project
Theater Voices, Albany, NY
Web Site Design/Development, Webmaster
Perimeter Media + Culture Projects, NYC
Web Site Design/Development, Consultant
2007 Family Circle of Support HIV/AIDS Booklet
New York Council on Adoptable Children (COAC)
Designer – 50+ page informational booklet in English and Spanish
Matt Isaac – writer, NYC
Web Site Design/Development
Hall Farm Center for Arts & Education, VT
Web Site Design/Development, Consultant
Doodle Ink, Inc. – Animation & Illustration, NYC
Web Site Design/Development
2003-2006 James Browning: Campaign Site
Campaign site for the Maryland House of Delegates
Web Site Design/Development
Susan Ito – writer, Oakland, CA
Web Site Design/Development, Consultant
2004 Artwurl Featured Artist #17
PS122’s Artwurl (
2004 White Columns Featured Artist
White Columns (
2003 At Length 2003-2004 issue
At Length – literary magazine
Featured Artist with writers Alan Shapiro & Michelle Herman
Electronic Music and Ambient Sound, NYC
Web Site Development, Consultant
Bukhari Institute, Boston, MA
Web Site Design/Development, Consultant
Lisa Lerner, writer, NYC
Web Site Design/Development, Consultant
2001 Artists WebSpace Featured Artist
Artists Space (
2001 New York Animation Festival Website
New York Animation Festival, NYC
2001 Sesame Street Toddler (Educational CDROM)
Children’s Television Workshop
Lead Artist, Animator, Creative Development, Talent
Artist MOV | User Guide PDF
2001 Rosita’s Spanish Word of the Day
Children’s Television Workshop (
Animator, Artist
2001 Animal Watch Magazine
ASPCA, New York Chapter
2001 Elmo’s Deep Sea Adventure (CDROM)Children’s Television Workshop
Animator, Artist
2000 Elmo’s World Series II and III (Educational CDROM)
Children’s Television Workshop
Animator, Artist, Creative Development
1999 Create n’ Draw in Elmo’s World (CDROM)
Children’s Television Workshop
Animator, Artist, Creative Development, Talent
1998 New York Animation Festival Website
New York Animation Festival Inc. NYC
Web Site Design/Development
1998 Sesame Street Preschool (Educational CDROM)
Children’s Television Workshop
Animator, Artist
1998 Mattel Talking Big Bird (Interactive Doll)
Children’s Television Workshop
1996 Roberto Juarez – Lithography Edition
Rhode Island School of Design Press
Assistant Printer to Brian Shure, Master Printer
1996 Louise Bourgois – Intaglio Edition
Chestnut Street Press
Assistant Printer to Clary Nelson, Master Printer
1995 Dottie Attie – Lithography Edition
Rhode Island School of Design Press
Assistant Printer to Brian Shure, Master Printer
1993 Francisco Clemente – Woodblock Edition
Evans Editions
Assistant to Sue Evans, Master Printer
1993 William Wegman – Intaglio Edition
Evans Editions
Assistant to Sue Evans, Master Printer
1993 Sue Williams  – Intaglio Edition
Evans Editions
Assistant to Sue Evans, Master Printer