Anonymous Survey Comments

For each course I provide an online survey where the students can anonymously critique the course. The survey is available throughout the semester, but most students opt to take it at the end of the course. I use the survey comments to adjust my course content and pedagogical approaches in the following semester.

“She takes great responsibility for our work, she is very well organized and devotes her personal time to help us. I really admire that she explains herself very clearly and taught the class in a very fun and educational way.”

“The teacher was great. I learned so much in this class that I never thought I would. Great class and even greater professor. I hope I have her again for another class in the future. Professors like her give me more determination that I can succeed.”

“Sometimes she goes to fast, covers too much in a short period of time.”

“I felt really comfortable asking questions and giving comments.”

“She takes time to help and to explain things. She helps everyone as a class or individually, but she always tries to make sure that the students understand what we are doing and not many teachers do that. “

“The specific strengths that aided my learning in this class were the detailed steps that were given in each class when working on assignments. “

“ has helped me a lot… if it weren’t for this site I would be so lost. The times I have been unable to attend class I was able to look at this site and actually complete my work… there was never an excuses to miss doing your assignments, because the instructions were on this website! Thanks professor!”

“The assignments and objectives for each class was clearly stated. Also, many links to tutorials and additional learning aids were provided.  Tasks were explained and broken down for easy comprehension.”

“I think that more time is needed to understand some of the topics covered in the course.”

“The most useful skills I have learned from this class is how to deal with the clients.”

“I think that one of the strengths was that we had to do everything from scratch. It was hard at first, but you really get to learn it at the end.”