• Co-Director, Design “Learning in the Public Square: An Open Platform for Humanities Education” Digital Humanities Implementation Grant, National Endowment for the Humanities 2016-2018
    Description: In collaboration with CUNY Graduate Center and City Tech, this project seeks to provide humanists with an easily installed and customized community space tailored for open learning. The project builds on the success of City Tech’s OpenLab and the Commons In A Box platform developed by CUNY Graduate Center, and will involve working with testing partners at institutions nationwide.
    Role/Responsibilities: As Co-Director of Design, I am collaborating with developers and usability designers from CUNY Academic Commons and City Tech to create CBOX-OL, a new version of CUNY’s Commons in a Box, based on City Tech’s educational platform OpenLab. To be released for open-source public use, this OpenLab-flavored CBOX will be dedicated specifically to teaching and learning, integrating many of the features I’ve worked on over the last five years as OpenLab Co-Director. In the process, we will update the core code of CBOX, integrate a suite of teaching- centered digital tools for content sharing and annotation, and package a set of tools to ensure that CBOX-OL communities meet accessibility standards.
  • OpenLab Integration (Development) Lead for “Digital Pathways Title III HSI-STEM and Articulation Grant with BMCC, Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) program of the Office of Postsecondary Education at the U.S. Department of Education, 2016-2021
    Description: A five-year program to increase the number of Hispanic students at BMCC who major in Computer Information Systems and Media Arts and Technology, and then transfer to related bachelor’s degree programs at New York City College of Technology (City Tech) and John Jay College of Criminal Justice.
    Role/Responsibilities: As OpenLab Integration (Development) lead, I will provide guidance on design and development of BMCC’s Open Digital Platform, leading the design of enhancements that will benefit BMCC students in their use of both platforms, and overseeing the work of the consulting developer.
  • Member – Middle States CommitteeWorking Group Standard IV: Support of the Student Experience 2016-current
    Description: Self-Study Working Groups will examine important aspects of the college, including the academic program, services for students, governance and administration, ethics and integrity, education effectiveness and assessment, and planning and resources. Each is considered in light of the college mission and goals and will be compiled in a comprehensive self-study for accreditation.
    Role/Responsibilities: Member of Working Group Standard IV: Support of the Student Experience. Through faculty, student and staff interviews and focus groups we are charged with collecting, compiling and analyzing information flow for critical processes at the College that affect student support.
  • Co-Director of City Tech OpenLab, College-wide Initiative to Support Teaching and Learning, 2011-Current
    Description: OpenLab is an open-source, digital platform designed to support teaching and learning at New York City College of Technology (NYCCT), and to promote student and faculty engagement in the intellectual and social life of the college community. The OpenLab is part of a five-year initiative at City Tech called “A Living Laboratory: Revitalizing General Education for a 21st-Century College of Technology,” funded by the U. S. Department of Education under its Strengthening Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSI) Title V Program.
    Role/Responsibilities: As Co-Director, I am responsible for planning and implementation of website features and improvements (including design, information architecture, usability, and development for the site.) I recruit and supervise our development resources, including a web services firm and consulting developers, interface with the City Tech Community Team and City Tech community partners for college-wide adoption.
    Highlights since 2011 include: Working with developers to restructure original architecture and code to improve usability, implementing a major release of responsive/mobile site design, researching and implementing accessibility Section 508 improvements, designing new features, coordinating large feature / bug-fix releases year-round, and participating conference presentations/outreach to University community and others. We have facilitated student, faculty and staff workshops and collaborated with administrative departments to offer new enhancements to the OpenLab. We have worked with the Faculty Commons to implement faculty Teaching Portfolios and with Instructional Technology Department to implement and improve ePortfolios. Additionally, we have facilitated year-round OpenLab/Early Adopter internships for students in ADGA/COMD with much success. Current Development projects include finalizing Accessibility improvements, public release of OpenLab to open-source community in collaboration with CUNY Academic Commons / Graduate Center, WeBWorK integration with OpenLab and supporting OpenLab adoption at other CUNY colleges.
  • WeBWorK Integration Co-Director: Opening Gateways – 2015-current
    Description: Member of the OpenLab management and technical team developing OpenLab-WeBWorK integration. WeBWorK is an open source online homework system for math and science courses. This project is part of the “Opening Gateways to Completion: Open Digital Pedagogies for Student Success in STEM Title V Cooperative Arrangement Grant (Collaborative partner BMCC), U.S. Dept. of Education
    Role/Responsibilities: OpenLab Integration Co-Director & UX/UI/UA Designer. Working with Opening Gateways leaders from the Math Department and external developers to design and implement an effective user flow, site structure, and visual interface to integrate WeBWorK into OpenLab for student and faculty users. Currently being tested in three math courses in Fall 2016.
  • Living Lab Steering Committee for City Tech’s Title V grant – 2011-2016
    Description: “A Living Laboratory” is a five-year initiative funded by a $3.1M grant awarded to City Tech under the U.S. Department of Education’s Strengthening Hispanic-Serving Institutions (Title V) program. The project has four activities, centered on the conceptual model of City Tech and the Brooklyn Waterfront as living laboratory: The Gen Ed Seminar, The OpenLab, A “Culture of Assessment”, and The Brooklyn Waterfront Research Center.
    Role/Responsibilities: Member. Representing the OpenLab part of the grant as Co-Director, responsible for co-authoring of monthly activity reports, meeting with the grant’s External Evaluator, and participating in the creation of our Annual Report for the U.S Department of Education.

Please refer to 2016 Promotion PARSE for documentation of above activities.

  • Middle States Self-Study Workgroup
    Role: Member | 2005-2008
    Educational Offerings/General Education/Related Activities
    Activities: attended forums, annual retreat, performed interviews with college leaders, wrote summaries and reviews, and contributed to the Middle States Self-Study Document.
  • College Council
    Role: Delegate-at-Large | 2004-2007
    Sub-Committee: Curriculum | Role: Secretary | 2005-2007
    Sub-Committee: Summer Emergency | Role: Member | 2004-2005

    • Forms and Handbook | Curriculum Modification Faculty Guide
      Activities: Reorganized Curriculum section of Handbook into the Curriculum Modification Faculty Guide, a website to guide faculty when developing and modifying curriculum. Consolidated multiple paper forms into one emailable PDF form.
    • Curriculum Committee Website
      Activities: Created a website to house and archive all curriculum documents, proposals, minutes and relevant information. Information is available to all Faculty, Staff and students.
    • Curriculum Committee Advisor
      Served in an advisory capacity to the incoming College Curriculum Committee chair, secretary and College Council webmaster in order to help smooth transition after term ended.
  • College Council Website
    Class Project | Role: Coordinator, Judge | 2003-2004
    Activities: Organized a student competition to design new website branding.
  • College Council Website
    Faculty Collaboration | Role: Designer, Architect | 2003-2004
    Activities: Designed and built information architecture, CSS, and structural XHTML
    (Profs Archibald and Holley developed database).
  • College Council Website
    College-wide Resource | Role: Webmaster | 2004-2007
    Activities: Maintained and updated website structure and content. Served as point-person for all web-related activities.
  • Curriculum Luncheon & Workshop
    Coordinator: Ezra Halleck | Role: Presenter | Spring 2008
    Participated in College-wide Curriculum Luncheon & Workshop. Presented Certificate Proposal and led a breakout session for faculty interested in developing new curriculum. [ Recording – MP3 | Online Reference]
  • E-Portfolio / Title V Faculty
    Karen Bonsignore: Coordinator | Role: Faculty Participant | 2003 -2006
    Activities: Incorporated E-Portfolio into courses, encouraged ePortfolio faculty to follow Web Standards Compliance and Accessibility Guidelines. Created and shared new compliant templates with ADGA faculty and students, implemented in web and vector art courses.
  • Citytech Web Advisory Group
    College-wide Committee | Chair: Steven Soiffer | Role: Member | 2007-2008
    Activities: Advised with the research of a college-wide content management system and the design and development of the new Citytech website information architecture with Prof. Aida Mysan.
  • Safe Zone Program
    Student / Faculty Organization for GLBT Support | Role: Member | 2002-current
    Activities: Completion of Safe Zone Ally seminar, student/faculty alley.
  • Web Design Consultation
    CityTech Foundation Auction/Benefit | Role: Consultant | 2005
    Activities: Donated a 2-hour web design consultation.
  • Learning Community Summer Institute
    Role: Participant/Presenter | 3-day Workshop | 2005
    Activities: Participated in three-day workshop and presented online course reference and introduced student “Learning Blogs” to the Learning Community participants.
  • E-Portfolio Summer Institute
    Role: Participant | 2-day Workshop | 2003
    Activities: Participated in two-day workshop on the integration of online student portfolios into course curriculum.
  • Institutional Effectiveness Assessment for Beginners
    Role: Participant | All-Day Seminar | 2005
    Activities: Attended Middle States Seminar in anticipation of upcoming accreditation review.
  • PDAC New Faculty Professional Development Program
    Role: Participant | Workshop | 2002
    Activities: Participated in workshop introducing new faculty to teaching resources and mentors.
  • FISPE Adjunct Academy Symposium
    Role: Attendee | Symposium | 2005
    Activities: Attended presentations.
  • Citytech Fourth Annual Poster Session
    BrooklynX /Semantic Brooklyn Visualization Research Project
    Role: Presenter with R.Bargar, I.Choi, T.Malyuta and R.Michals | 2006
    Activities: Presented collaborative research project to students and faculty.