I advise hundreds of students each semester as part of departmental advisement and registration periods.

In addition, I offer individual student advisement during my office hours for any student that requests it. I provide guidance for graduate school applications, portfolio reviews and essays, financial aid and student achievement awards, job interviews, and internship opportunities, with excellent student success.

I have completed First Year Learning Communities workshops, the City Tech Safe Zone program, as well as other workshops offered through the First Year Programs, ePortfolio, and the Professional Development Advisory Council. This training has helped me support many students struggling with personal and academic challenges.

CUNY BA Mentor

As a CUNY BA Faculty Mentor, I have guided many students in the development of their own curricula, tailored to their career goals and interests. The follow students are currently enrolled or have successfully completed their CUNY BA degrees under my mentorship:

  • Shofiyaa Abdul Samad (2018 anticipated)
  • Sara Solomon (2018 anticipated)
  • Jacqueline Slanley (2018 anticipated)
  • Lex Dreitser (2016 graduate)
  • Milagros Aguirre (2013 graduate)
  • Robert Hieger (2012 graduate, 2009 Thomas W. Smith Academic Fellow)
  • Yana Barysheva (2009 graduate)
  • Bakhtiyar Uddin (2009 graduate)
  • Kenneth Frilando (2008 graduate)
  • Rafael Zegarra (2008 graduate)
  • Jetmir Troshani  (2007 graduate)
  • Richard Karns (2006 graduate)
  • Jorge Saeta (2004 graduate)

Student Leadership

As a faculty welcoming first year students into my foundation classes, I am actively involved in supporting the Freshman experience and helping students create community by getting taking on leadership roles at the College. In the last few years I have helped my freshman students with connections to Peer Mentor program and other opportunities at the College, including presenting with me at conferences and recommending students for scholarships and service programs. I am proud to have supported the following students as they become leaders in the College:

  • Loubna Aly: Peer Mentor for First Year Programs, SGA Social Director, Faculty Common’s Designer, Executive member of the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) NYCCT Chapter
  • Amera Lulu: President of The Art & Design Club @ CityTech, CUNY Service Corps, CUNY Service Corps Spirit award, Joseph Lento Scholarship for Academic Achievement, National Society of Leadership and Success

Employment Support

I have also recommended many students for employment positions within the College and beyond.  The following students were recommended for positions, which allowed them to use their design and technical skills to find success in the field.

Lex Dreitser

  • Information Architect, Conde Nast
  • Solutions Architect, GuruNYC
  • Senior Flash Developer, iAmplify
  • Web Developer / Search Engine Marketing Consultant, Ambassador Internet

Irwin Hou

  • UX Designer, Forbes
  • CLASP : CUNY League of Active Speech Professors
    (freelance design and development)
  • Douglas Quejuan

Catherine Espinosa

  • Principal Designer, IHS Markit
  • Web Designer, Chemical Week, IHS
  • Freelance Designer, LLC
  • New York City College of Technology
    (Interim Webmaster)
  • Adrianne Wortzel [ ]
    (development support)

Yasmin Hermans