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  • Digital Media Catalog (30K Perkins Grant – software/hardware/training)
    Role: Principle Researcher/Designer/Developer | 2003-current
    Activities: Researched and developed the Digital Media Catalog to replace defunct slide libraries, support interdisciplinary collaborations and other departments, including ArchTech and Humanities.  To be used for in-class assignments, reference for student projects and lectures, and repository for all student work organized and searchable by faculty, class, student, and semester. The Catalog will preserve and organize the large number of media assets produced by City Tech students, allowing them to be used in new and innovative ways both for classroom instruction and project-based learning. Site can be accessed within College at:
  • IMIST Advanced Certificate*
    T&D Interdisciplinary Curriculum Committee | Dean Bargar: Chair
    Role: Member | 2006-2007
    Activities: As part of this committee, developed the IMIST Advanced Certificate structure and proposed two new courses “Interdisciplinary Team Project” and “Topics and Perspectives in Emerging Technologies,” both of which were approved by the College Council and are currently running.
  • Interactive Media Technologies Certificate*
    T&D Interactive Media Technologies Curriculum Committee | Role: Chair | 2007
    Activities: Charged by the Administration to develop an inter-departmental, multi-disciplinary certificate proposal in Interactive Media Technologies, with the intent to develop a letter of intent and full proposal for a 4-year BTECH degree. In collaboration with members of the CST, ADGA and ENT departments the proposal was presented and approved by the College Council Curriculum Committee.
  • Design and Computation Working Group*
    Divisional Summer Retreat | Role: Member | 2007
    Activities: As Chair of the T&D Interactive Media Technologies Curriculum Committee will participate in the Design and Computation Working Group and a week long summer retreat with members of the MT/IND, CST, ENT, ETET, ADGA, CET and ARCH departments to develop an action plan for the development of a Letter of Intent for a full Interactive Media Technologies program.
  • Enhancing Quantitative Literacy through Information Visualization
    FIPSE Grant Proposal | Role: Preliminary Member/Advisor | 2007
    Activities: Helped with initial research and development of the proposal, specifically with the use interactive digital media to improve the quality of students’ understanding of fundamental concepts in mathematics.
  • Collaboration with Humanities Department Faculty
    Class Project: Website for Fool’s Company | Role: Advisor | 2002-2003
    Activities: Advised students designing website for a non-profit theater company.
  • Collaboration with Physics Department Faculty
    APS Symposium Website | Role: Design & Development | 2003-2004
    Activities: Worked with Prof. Roman Kezerashvili and the Physics Department to produce a website for New York State Section of the American Physical Society Symposium (Physics of the Microworld: From Quarks to Nanostructures).
  • Collaboration with English Department Faculty
    Student Project: Winona County Old Settlers Website | Role: Advisor | 2007
    Activities: Coordinated web design student contributions and collaborations with Technical Writing students in Mary Nellis’ course.
  • BrooklynX / Semantic Brooklyn (Interdisciplinary Research Project)*
    Role: Faculty Researcher/Designer | 2004-2007
    Activities: Collaborated with Dean Bargar, 3D visualization software programmers, and faculty from the Architectural Design, Computer Systems and ADGA Department to produce prototype for a 3D virtual walkthrough of downtown Brooklyn architectural sites. Specific contributions included visual approaches to semantic navigation, interface design, and project organization.
  • Collaboration with Teacher Education Technology Department
    Teacher Education Technology Website/Brochure | Role: Advisor | 2004-2005
    Activities: Initiated and gave student support to the design and implementation of Prof. Godfrey Nwoke’s Teacher Education Technology website and printed matter in preparation for the department’s for upcoming accreditation review.
  • Web Workshop for Teacher Education Technology Department*
    Role: Instructor/Facilitator | 2005
    Activities: Developed and held a 2-Day workshop on standards-based web design and development for students in the Education Technologies department [website]