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  • Certified Online Professor
    Online Seminar | Facilitator: Karen Lundstrem | Role: Participant | 2007
    Activities: Completed online professional development program, whose goal is to assist faculty creating and delivering online/hybrid courses in an interactive and collaborative learning environment.
  • Online Course Reference for Students/Faculty
    Role: Designer/Developer | 2003-current
    Full course website archives for all courses, including ADV3550, ADV3540, ADV2360, ADV3650, ADV1100, IMT1101, are available online as reference to new faculty, and current and former students for reference, review, technical support, and for use in their future classes and projects. [ ]
  • ENT Production Branding / Website / Support
    Role: Designer/Developer/Faculty | 2008-current
    Activities: Worked with faculty to brand the Haunted Hotel Production, including design of logo and website, and advisement of students and Production Manager in the production of printed materials and advertising.
  • Seminars / Lectures / Conferences
    Role: Department Attendee
    Activities: Researched and explored new technologies and approaches to design to bring emerging technologies into the classroom.

    • “MathWorks”
      Technical Computing Seminar | 2007
      Presented by School of Technology & Design
      MATLAB and Introduction to Simulink
    • Wired’s NextFest:  Tomorrow’s Tech Today
      Exhibition event presenting ideas from innovative researchers | 2006
    • SIGGRAPH Boston
      International Conference on Interactive Technologies | 2006
    • “Share, Share Widely”
      CUNY All-Day Colloquium on New Media Education | 2004
      Presented by The Institute for Distributed Creativity at the CUNY Graduate Center.
    • “Copyright and Fair Use”
      All-Day Colloquium at Queensborough Community College, CUNY | 2003
  • Visual Literacy Website
    Website Development | Role: Creator | 2005
    Activities: Created a website for Prof. Stella Nikolaou to showcase the work of her AD113 Life Drawing Class.
  • Student Exhibition “Banned Book Week: Freedom to Read”
    Role: Faculty Coordinator | 2006
    Activities: Exhibition was mounted and displayed work from Vector Art students in Library gallery for the month of September, during Banned Book Week. Feedback was very positive and included reviews and mentions in many local newspapers.

    • “Books They Didn’t Want You to Read,” Brooklyn Heights Courier, Sept. 18, 2006
    • “Banned Books As Works of Art,” Brooklyn Downtown Star, Sept. 24, 2006
    • City Tech Library Hosts Banned Books Exhibition City Tech – Picture This, Sept. 25, 2006
    • “City Tech Library Hosts Banned Books Exhibition,” Brooklyn Eagle, Sept. 14, 2006
  • Student Club Faculty Advisor
    Gaming & Animation Club, Free-Pizza Club | Faculty Advisor | 2004-2007
    Activities: Advised student coordinators/leaders.
  • Presentation / “Copyright and Fair Use”
    Faculty Presentation | Role: Presenter | 2003
    Activities: Presented materials from all-day colloquium at Queensborough Community College, CUNY to ADGA Faculty.
  • Presentation / “Using an Online Class Resource”
    Faculty Presentation | Role: Presenter | 2004
    Activities: Presented class web site and learning blogs to ADGA Faculty
  • Presentation / “Digital Media Catalog”
    Faculty Presentation | Role: Presenter | 2006
    Activities: Presented the Digital Media Catalog to ADGA Faculty. Detailed instructional handouts were also provided to Adjunct and select School of Technology & Design Faculty.