Breakout session – Table #3 – Sustainable Power

I was invited, as an artist, to attend a convening on February 23, 2013 at The Cooper Union- “Understanding Urban Sustainability: One Block at a Timeorganized by Fourth Arts Block (FABnyc) & the Cooper Union Institute for Sustainable Design (CUISD) to share progress and give input on the SUSTAIN project.

SUSTAIN presents an opportunity to create and lead innovative sustainability solutions at the block scale.

This convening was a chance to give input – along with a network of other artists, activists, architects, sustainability partners, and educators – to help shape the efforts of this project.

 At this convening the organizations:

  • Shared East 4th Street’s distinctive history
  • Presented initial research & developments in the SUSTAIN project
  • Exhibited art projects that address behavior change toward sustainability
  • Gathered input to develop guiding questions & creative approaches

FABnyc asked me to propose a public art project focused on behavior change toward sustainability and I walked away from this event with some inspiring ideas for the proposal.