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On Wed. January, 23rd I will be facilitating a workshop for all faculty teaching ADV1100: Graphic Design Principles 1. After teaching Web Design for my first six years at City Tech and observing that only a minority of students appeared to have grasped basic design principles and concepts by the time they reached their concentration […]

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On behalf of the OpenLab I will be attending City College’s CUNY-wide participatory forum, presented by The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, for those involved with training, implementing and planning instructional technology. Via a series of discussions, problem-solving group work, breakout sessions and presentations, participants will engage in open dialogue with their colleagues. […]

Prescription Tramadol Online

During the winter break I worked with Julia Jordan and Paul King to improve the Teaching Portfolio section of the template I had previously created for faculty Portfolios on the OpenLab. The goal of the Teaching Portfolio section of the template is to simplify the creation process for new faculty and those who are looking […]

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PULSE Art Fair : The Director Tour 12/06/2012 —  Another project that we were pointed to was Jenna Spevack’s PULSE Project entitled “Seeding the City.” DeWitt notes, “Jenna’s work is about getting into the local community. She was finding ways to redo this project in Miami, and… >> more — Carmen Zella  

Tramadol Hexal 100Mg Online

From Invader Tiles to Living Room Installations Highlights From PULSE Miami 2012 December 5, 2012, 12:59 pm — This year’s edition of PULSE Miami may not open to the public until tomorrow, but ARTINFO got an early look at the sprawling satellite fair last night… See our favorites… >> more — Ben Davis, Benjamin Sutton

Tramadol Online Florida Delivery

One of the greatest joys I get from teaching is seeing friendships develop in the classroom. I always ask my students on the first day of class to look around the room and introduce themselves to the person sitting next to them, because “these strangers will someday be your colleagues, partners, bosses, clients.” They always […]

Online Rx Tramadol

Today I gave the OpenLab discussion feature a run for its money. I held my ADV1100 class online on the OpenLab using the discussion form for one of the critiques of the second class project: Aural Topographies (Pattern Mashups) The students did an excellent job given the challenging discussion interface (we’re working on that) and […]