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OpenLab Discussion Forum

Today I gave the OpenLab discussion feature a run for its money. I held my ADV1100 class online on the OpenLab using the discussion form for one of the critiques of the second class project: Aural Topographies (Pattern Mashups)

The students did an excellent job given the challenging discussion interface (we’re working on that) and time delay.

I’m really impressed with this group of foundation students.

I will let them weigh in on the experience, but my observations are:

  1. Normally less vocal students jumped in and expressed their ideas
  2. Students were more expressive, supportive.
  3. I sensed a camaraderie not felt in in-person crits.
  4. Viewing and discussing work required students to clearly explain the specific image or part of image they were speaking of in writing- a challenge for some.
  5. With 25 students, the posts came in fast and furious –  the limitations of the forum made it a bit hard to keep up.



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  1. Yuliya Bas

    I agree that it’s easier to give a more in depth critique of a classmate’s work online because it’s easier for me to observe the works independently and think about which descriptions I can use to be more clear.

    I also noticed that the online environment felt more hectic and fast-paced, but I actually liked that because it got me to get the work done and even continue on to the finished piece even though I felt run-down after doing the sketches.

    The worst part of working online, and just being online in general is the anti-social aspect. I enjoy working with other classmates in a room not only because it’s so social, it’s also a more lively environment to work with. But overall, I have to say that enjoyed the experience and wouldn’t mind a few more online classes 🙂

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