Vector Art: AD360


The following calendar will be updated and modified to reflect changes in the course schedule. Check here every week to review class topics, labs, homework assignments and project deadlines.

If you miss a class you are required to complete the class assignments before the next class meeting.

Weekly Class Outlines, Homework Assignments and Quizzes

WEEK 01 - Introductions, Understanding Vector Art and the Illustrator Interface

WEEK 02 - Open Paths, Closed Paths, Parts of a Path, Basic Shapes

WEEK 03 - Understanding paths, path components and the Bezier Pen tool

WEEK 04 - Modifiying, Combining and Splitting Paths, Path Menu, Transform Tools

WEEK 05 - Understanding Color Models, applying color and the Swatches palette.

WEEK 06 - Midterm Project Preparation

WEEK 07 - Midterm Project work, Optimizing for the web

WEEK 08 - Midterm Project DUE

WEEK 09 - Pathfinder Palette and logo design

WEEK 10 - Pathfinder Palette and logo design continued

WEEK 11 - Type in Illustrator, type logo design

WEEK 12 - Layout and Type in Illustrator

WEEK 13 - Patterns, Symbols, Custom Strokes and Fills, Live Trace

WEEK 14 - Work on final projects, Preparing for Print

WEEK 15 - Final Project DUE