Following are the names and emails of the students and faculty associated with this class.

AD360 Faculty

AD360_7152 Students

javits arias
nipa banik
samantha barrow
jamaine dobson
ury guzman
lili ling
edwin morales
taro naganuma
desiree ortiz
garbriel papa
jonathan rigaud
matthew salvador
efrain segovia
tania sharmin
victor vera
kaihchaun watson
wing cheung yeung
ying yu

AD360_7147 Students

Acevedo, Otoniel
Carbone, Richard
Chen, Amy
Defrank, Jose
Feurtado, Arlon
Gonzalez, Gianina
Gordian, Sujane
Halladene, Shauntese
Holloman, Derrick
Isaac, Habte
Lim, Jin
Lokhnauth, Thavrena
Peters, Shellon
Pizzanelli-Camacho, Ashley
Rivera, Louis
Williams, Jason
Wong, Stephanie
Wynn, Shiela