Advanced Web Design: AD650


This section contains the following additional support materials and links.

General Information:

About the Web:

Lists of Links:

Setting up / Server Access:

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Web Standards and Accessibility

Web Standards Reference

Doctype Definitions:


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Web Design Process

Readings on Web Design, Usability and Functionality

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Information and Interaction Design

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Structure -- XHTML

Tutorials and Reference

Code and Character References:

HTML Tutorials and Reference.

Placeholder copy for websites

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Visual Design

Design Help and Inspiration:

Creating a Mockup

Creating Images for the Web:

Color Scheme Helpers


Typography on the WEB

Typography and Fonts (free for academic and personal use ONLY!!)

Free Stock Photos



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Presentation -- CSS

CSS Basics

CSS Tutorials and Reference.

Browser bugs: how to fix them or accept them

CSS Layout and Positioning

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Advanced Scripting

Form Mail Scripts

JavaScript / DHTML / DOM

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Testing and Validation

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Business of Web Design:

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Recommended Books:

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