Advanced Web Design: AD650


Topics Covered in Class:

  1. Introductions:
  2. Entrance Exam: Assessment of student expectations and abilities
  3. REVIEW:
    • What is Functionality? "Functionality" refers to the features or functions provided by the product. The primary focus is on what the user can do with the product.
    • What is Usability? "Usability" refers to the ability to use a product easily, effectively, and efficiently to perform a task. The primary focus is on how people work with a product.
    • What are Aesthetics? "Aesthetics" are a set of generally agreed upon ideas about what makes effective communication in a given medium. Establishing an aesthetical sensibility requires that you look beyond your own personal likes and dislikes to evaluate a work within the medium in which it is presented.
    • The FUTURE of web design and avoiding obsolescence as a web designer
  4. REVIEW:
  5. REVIEW:
  6. Finding a Client
    • Look for someone with an existing business who is interested in having a web site designed or redesigned. The services you are offering are low or no-cost web design. You will complete the project within the next 15 weeks, so your client must be available by phone or email during that time.
    • Some good places to contact are:
    • You can also try advertising around the school. Many students and faculty have small-businesses and are often looking for a web site designer. Again, make sure the business is an existing one, not a startup.
    • Start by asking your client to fill out a Client Survey
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Homework | Week 1

  1. Buy the required textbooks from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.
    • CSS Mastery, friends of ED (February 13, 2006), ISBN#1590596145
    • DOM Scripting, friends of ED (September 20, 2005), ISBN#1590595335
  2. Start looking for a small business client to work with this semester.
  3. There will be a quiz reviewing web standards, structure vs. presentation and the basic rules and syntax of XHTML and CSS. If you need to refresh your XHTML and/or CSS skills complete the following two tutorials before next week.
  4. If you feel totally lost, complete the tutorials above and buy the additional book below: