Welcome to CLASP

CLASP is the acronym of the CUNY League of Active Speech Professors, an association for all instructors of Speech (oral presentation skills) in CUNY. CLASP was founded in 2004 with funds from the CUNY Faculty Development Fund and with supplemental funding provided by NYCCT President Russell K. Hotzler and by the Coordinated Undergraduate Education Program. Finding ourselves teaching out of many different departments scattered over the CUNY colleges, and until now lacking a professional association, CLASP aims to end the isolation and invisibilty of Speech faculty. These are our goals:

  • to share our skills, materials, problems and solutions
  • to publicize Speech-related events
  • to provide support for new faculty
  • to establish an audience and feedback for pioneering approaches
  • to stimulate conversation about the basic issues of our discipline
  • to become a full voice in the university
  • to be a meeting place, both virtual and actual, for Speech professors

The CLASP Council invites you to join us:

Shauna Vey, President

Alan Winson, Vice President

Gordon Alley-Young, Secretary

Patricia Sokolski, Treasurer


  • Get Ready for Next Year's Colloquium, CLASP 2008
    May 2nd at LaGuardia Community College

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