CLASP 2007 Colloquium
Responsiblities: To plan, organize, and run the Spring 2007 Colloquium. Involved in securing funding, recruiting participants, planning theme and structure, managing logistics.
Gordon Alley-Young and Shauna Vey, Co-Chairs
Speech Across Cultures and Ages Committee
Eva Kolbusz and Vincent (Tzu-Wen) Cheng, Co-chairs
Speech Across the Curricullum
Responsiblities: To integrate speech communications knowledege and practice with other collegiate disciplines that utilize these skills.
Eva Kolbusz and Vincent (Tzu-Wen) Cheng, Co-chairs
Books Committee
Responsiblities: To identify and/or create volumes which will of use to our membership. These could include: Anthologies, Oral Interp selections and instruction; Speech text books with emphasis on inner city student needs; identify work that has been done in this area at other CUNY colleges.
Rex Butt and Helen Huff, Co-Chairs
Technology Committee
Responsiblities: To oversee the CLASP BlackBoard site and to develop ideas in design, content and fundraising in order to eventually establish a public web-based presence.
Leslie Shaw and Alan Winson, Co-Chairs
Membership Committee
Responsibilities: To reach every member of CUNY's speech faculty. Please help us keep up-to-date about the members of your department by checking our lists for accuracy and supplying us with correct information. Connect us with new faculty.
Shauna Vey and Gordon Alley-Young, Co-Chairs

Standards Committee
Responsibilities: To be determined.
Tim Gura, Chair and Sally Mettler, Vice Chair
In-House Journal Committee
Responsibilities: To be determined.
Leslie Shaw, Chair