Final Projects are DUE!

  1. SURVEY: Please take this course survey (your opinion matters to me)
  2. Final Learning Blog Presentations-- last chance!
  3. CRITIQUE: (10 Points)
    • Find a partner.
    • Before critiquing your partner's final project, review the Final Project Description and Rubric to see the requirements for the project. Your critique will not affect your partner's grade, but it will affect yours!
    • Give your partner constructive criticism relating to the appropriate use of style, color, contrast, balance, alignment, proper XHTML structure, CSS implementation, etc. Phrases like "It's hot" and "I like it" are not acceptable without a detailed explanation of the "hotness" and "likeableness". Note how both websites are successful and how they can be improved.
    • Submit your critique by filling out and submitting this form for credit.
  4. Double check by testing your site in Browser Cam and validate it with the W3C validation service.
    • Review the Final Project Description.
    • Make sure all site files are up on the FTP server and functioning properly. Check the student portfolio page to make sure your page is linking from it correctly. All projects will be graded from this list.
    • Make sure your projects are up and running for the Student Show, currently showing in the Grace Gallery.
Homework | Week 15

Have a great vacation! See you next semester.