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Topics covered in class:

  1. Media Types for the web
    1. Sound files: WAV, mp3, Real Audio
    2. Video files: Mpeg video, Quicktime video, AVI video, Flash SWF
  2. Preparing Multimedia
    1. Web Video Guidelines | Compression Examples | Glossary of Terms
    2. Style Guide for Multimedia
  3. Embedding multimedia in HTML
    1. BAD: Embedding Flash with the Default method (using embed and object tags)
    2. GOOD: Object Embedding is the way to go
    3. Object Embedding -- another reference that adds an alt.
    4. What is the Object Element?
    5. What is the Param Element?
    6. Plugin Reference - Why do we need plug-ins?
    7. Other Methods for embedding Multimedia (object or embed tag and the problems)
  4. Alternate Methods using Plugin Detection, alternate content and validation (more on this next week)


Add sound, video, and Flash using the Standards-Compliant Object Embedding:

  1. Embed and Link Sound
    1. Download an mp3 sound file from here. Download the file to your root directory.
    2. Embed the file using the Object element
  2. Embed and Link Video
    1. Download a mpg video from the Hubble Source website. Download the video to your root directory.
    2. Embed the file using the Object element
  3. Embed and Link Flash
    1. Download this flash SWF animation to your root directory
    2. Embed the file using the Object element

Intro to Flash Workspace

Flash Basics

Create a simple banner

Create a preloader

Publishing your movie


Homework | Week 12

Client Site Work:

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