Vector Art: AD360


To retrieve files from the ADGA2 Server:

  1. Click on the Desktop (make sure you are in the Finder)
  2. From the GO pull down menu > Connect to Server
  3. Select ADGA2 or type in and click Connect
  4. Login as Guest (click the radio button)
  5. Choose HomeDirectories and connect
  6. The server icon will appear on your desktop-- double click to open it.
  7. Locate my folder "jspevack" > Public > AD360_classroom_files (leave this window open)
  8. Drag selcted files or folder to your Desktop or Documents folder.

To put files to the ADGA2 Server (class dropbox):

  1. Follow steps 1-6 above
  2. Locate folder jpevack > Public > AD360_dropbox (leave this window open, but do not try to open the dropbox folder)
  3. Drag your homework or lab files to the dropbox
  4. Please note: you will get a message saying you will not be able to retrieve these files once dropped. Click OK.