Supplies for submitting your work:

General Supplies:

Drawing Supplies:

Digital Supplies:

  • A free Dropbox or Google Drive account to store and share large files
  • Digital camera or phone with camera and cable
  • Hard drive or flash drive to backup/transport work

Painting Supplies: 

  • color wheel (small)
  • white and black gouache paints
  • Reeves Gouache 12 Paint Set or Savoir Faire Gouache 10 Paint Set
    If your are interested in painting and are able to find an affordable color theory set similar to Utrecht Designer Gouache set, look for the following colors:

    • black
    • white
    • rose tyrien or primary magenta
    • turquoise blue or primary cyan
    • brilliant yellow or primary yellow
    • flame red or primary red
    • ultramarine blue or primary blue
  • sable-type watercolor brushes (do not buy brushes for acrylic or oil)
    • FLAT:  1/2″ angle, #4
    • ROUND: #1, #5
  • two water containers (yogurt cups, soda bottles with tops cut off, soup cans)
  • palette (round 10-well)
  • cotton rags (old white t-shirts or scraps)

NOTE: Total cost should not exceed $150 (shop around)

Places to shop for supplies in NYC and/or Online:

  • Artist & Craftsman Supply:
    • 307 2nd Street, Brooklyn, New York
    • 761 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, New York
    • 1449 Broadway, Brooklyn, New York
    • 34-09 Queens Blvd, Long Island City, New York
    • 2108 7th Ave Adam Clayton Powell Blvd, New York
  • Blick :
    • 1-5 Bond Street, NYC
    • 237 W 23rd St, NYC
    • 148 Lafayette St, NYC
    • 111 4th Ave, NYC
    • 650 6th Ave, NYC
    • 21 East 13th Street, NYC
    • 536 Myrtle Avenue,
  • W.C. Art Supply : 351 Jay St, Brooklyn