December 17, 2018

What’s DUE?

Materials Needed IN CLASS!

  • Your Glossument.
  • And all materials that you need to work IN CLASS on your Glossument Cover
  • We will work in class to finish the Project #6: Phase 3: Develop

Critique (15 min)

Present Project #6: Phase 1: Discover and Project #6: Phase 2: Define

Lab: Glossument Book Cover

Review PROJECT #6 guidelines very closely and complete Phase 3: Develop.

Phase 3: Develop

Use any medium (digital, painting, collage techniques, etc.) to create a cover for your Glossument that directly references the Proportional Color Inventory you created in Phase 2.

Glossument Cover Guidelines:

  1. Color: Your book cover composition should use the exact proportion of hues from your proportional color inventory. It should clearly demonstrate visual hierarchy through color and should include:
    • Dominant colorSub-Dominant color, and Accent color.
    • A tint, shade or tone.
  2. Medium: Your choice.
  3. Layout: LESS is MORE. Thoughtful, well-considered figure-ground relationship is important. Clearly orientate the viewer. Make sure the viewer understands how to navigate the composition.  Demonstrate visual hierarchy and compositional flow.
  4. Text: The title of your Glossument should be legible.
  5. Important things to focus on: As with previous projects, research, thumbnails, color tests, consideration of overall compositional balance between figure and ground, and unity is important! Because this is your LAST class project, see if you can utilize other aspects of the Basic Principles of DESIGN that we have covered in this class.

Documentation and Feedback

  • Create a new blog post called Color Harmony: Phase 3
  • Add a jpg or png of your Proportional Color Inventory AND a well-light, thoughtfully cropped photo of  your Glossument Cover to show the proportional relationship.
  • Include a paragraph about how the Glossument Cover was influenced by the Proportional Color Inventory. Specifically compare the Dominant colorSub-Dominant colorAccent color and tint, tone, or shade in each. The viewer should be able to see a clear and obvious relationship.
  • Include the hours that you worked on this part of the project.
  • Don’t forget to comment on at least 1 other student’s post.


Next class is the LAST class! All work is due!

  1. PROJECT #6
    • Phase 1-4 (posted to the Class Blog)
  2. YOUR GLOSSUMENT is due.
    • You will turn in your completed Glossument for a grade and possible exhibit.
  3. Review all the Vocabulary We may have an extra-credit quiz to boost your final grade.
  4. This is your last chance to complete or rework your projects to improve your grade. You will not have time in class.