Supply List

Items in BOLD are required for next class.


Supplies for submitting your work:

General Supplies:

  • Used paperback book of your choice
  • small box or travel container for your supplies (find or reuse)
  • portfolio to transport your work (larger than 14″x17″)
  • 1 self-healing cutting mat (small)
  • 1 roll drafting or removable tape
  • small craft scissors (pointed end)
  • Exacto knife and extra blades
  • 18″ metal ruler or t-square with ruler
  • triangle
  • glue sticks or fabric/craft glue
  • old magazines or paper scraps

Drawing Supplies:

Digital Supplies:

  • Hard drive or flash drive to backup/transport work
  • Digital camera or phone with camera and cable

Painting Supplies: 

  • color wheel (small)
  • white and black gouache paints
  • Utrecht Designer Gouache, Set of 8 – Primaries includes:
    • black
    • white
    • rose tyrien or primary magenta
    • turquoise blue or primary cyan
    • brilliant yellow or primary yellow
    • flame red or primary red
    • ultramarine blue or primary blue
  • sable-type watercolor brushes (do not buy brushes for acrylic or oil)
    • FLAT:  1/2″ angle, #4
    • ROUND: #1, #5
  • two water containers (yogurt cups, soda bottles with tops cut off, soup cans)
  • palette (round 10-well)
  • cotton rags (old white t-shirts or scraps)

NOTE: Total cost should not exceed $150 (shop around)

Places to shop for supplies in NYC and/or Online:

  • Blick :  1-5 Bond Street, NYC
  • Utrecht Art Supplies:
    • 237 W 23rd St, NYC
    • 148 Lafayette St, NYC
    • 111 4th Ave, NYC
  • New York Central Art Supply : 62 3rd Ave, NYC
  • W.C. Art Supply : 351 Jay St, Brooklyn

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