Advanced Web Design: AD650


  1. Midterm Project Critique

    The purpose of this project is to give students experience preparing a client presentation outlining the site planning and development phases. Designers with the ability to prepare and present a professional verbal and visual presentation will be better able to compete in the highly competitive field of design.

    Students should be prepared to present their well-crafted presentations to the class in a professional manner. Each student will have 10 minutes, including time for feedback.

    Imagine you are presenting to a room full of people who have no idea how a web site is created. You will field questions from the class (board of directors) and attempt to keep the presentation organized and on-track. The final goal is to get approval from the class to begin the next phase of the site development.

    • Check the Midterm Project requirements to ensure you have all required elements prepared.
    • Your persentation files should be uploaded to the FTP server in order to receive a passing grade.
    • Make at lease one BACKUP of your work on CD!!
    • Late projects will not be accepted.
  2. Finish Forms Lesson (if time allows)
    1. Accessible HTML Forms | diagram
      1. fieldset
      2. legend
      3. label
      4. option groups
      5. accesskey
      6. tabindex
      7. more info
    2. Styling form elements
      1. simple layout
      2. complicated layout
      3. accessible input
      4. form gallery examples
      5. more info

Homework| Week 8

  1. Next week please have your file structure set up in the clilent_site folder. This means all dummy pages and folders are created and named, including an images folder to hold site images. Base your file structure on your site map main sections and sub-sections.
  2. Based on your final wireframe(s), create a template page for each level of your site with properly structured, semantically correct XHTML.
  3. Your Practical Midterm EXAM will be distributed next week.