Project 1 Quiz

This quiz covers the principles and elements covered in Project #1.

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QUESTION: How would you describe the shapes in the Georgia O'Keeffe painting reproduced in ‘The Book of the Flower’?

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QUESTION: Does the landing page for the Plenaire site design demonstrate a stable or ambiguous figure-ground relationship?

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QUESTION: What kind shapes are used in the environmental graphics created for the New Victory Theater?

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QUESTION: Which design principles used in this editorial layout for ‘Netflix Queue’ demonstrate a sense of unity? Or, what makes the layout feel unified?

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QUESTION: Which design principle is demonstrated multiple times in this exhibition design for 'Fragments' - an exhibition highlighting the writings of Martin Luther King, Jr.?

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QUESTION: The packaging developed as part of Raylo's identity design demonstrates which kind of figure-ground relationship?

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QUESTION: Which color in the Numan logo represents the negative space?

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QUESTION: Which design principle is demonstrated in the logo redesign of the software company 'Red Hat'?

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