Homework Due THIS CLASS

  • Project #6 is DUE. Complete your Proportional Color Inventory and your final Color Harmony composition based on the inventory. Post your Project #6 > Deliver post to the class site. Read through the guidelines to make sure you have all the work!
  • Ways of Seeing Project is Due. Create a post on the class site with a link to your Ways of Seeing Project and include a copy of your vision statement.
    • Post title: “Your Name” Ways of Seeing
    • Category: Ways of Seeing Collections
  • All Project work is DUE. Check to make sure you have posted your Projects 1-6, Visual Library Posts, and Ways of Seeing project to the class site. Review the Project Guidelines to make sure you didn’t miss anything.
  • Take the Project #5 and Project #6 Quiz

Double check your work

Many students have posted incomplete projects or quizzes which will affect your final semester grade. Log into OpenLab to check your grades and associated comments in the Gradebook.

  1. Do you have a grade for Quiz 1, Quiz 2&3, Quiz 4, and Quiz 5/6?
  2. Check your posts for each project and compare with the Project Guidelines.
  3. Have you posted all parts of each project and included a written reflection? Are the Post title, Category and Tags correct? Are the posts formatted clearly?
  4. For each project, have you commented on another student’s work? Check Providing Feedback to see if your comment follows the guidelines.
  5. If you have reworked any projects, please add a comment to the project post, so I can adjust your grade.


Present your Ways of Seeing post and your Project #6 Deliver post on a class computer.

Let’s walk around the room and look at everyone’s work.

Partner up with one person and before the end of class, add a comment to their Project #6 Deliver post and their Ways of Seeing post.

  • Follow the Providing Feedback guidelines to make sure you are providing thoughtful feedback.
  • If your partner is missing one of these posts, check the class site and comment on another person’s post.


  • Extra credit Final Quiz. Complete by December 22nd. If you do well, it will replace your lowest quiz grade, if not, it won’t count. 🙂
  • Create something (anything) everyday.
  • And please keep in touch!