Homework Due THIS CLASS

  • Finish your Atmospheric LandscapesAll parts of Project #4 are due. Follow the guidelines.
  • From now until the end of semester contribute images to the Visual Library and words to the shared Glossary that directly communicate creative vision. What do you value, love, or hate? What makes you feel deeply? What is your passion?

Materials Needed THIS CLASS

NOTE: Points are deducted from your final participation grade if you repeatedly come to class without your materials.

  • flash/thumb drive

Visual Library & Project#4 Deliver Posts

Let’s designate a facilitator to take a look at your new Visual Library and Project#4 Deliver posts.

Ways of Seeing Project

This semester-long, cross-disciplinary student project will be a collection of words and images that communicate your personal creative vision.

Drawing from a shared, student-created Glossary of words and Visual Library of images, developed on the Ways of Seeing OpenLab course site, choose words that inspire you and pair them with images, colors, patterns, lines, shapes, and illustrations that capture your unique voice and vision.

Project Requirements

  • (8) compositions, using a combination of text and image, that communicate your personal creative vision
  • Front cover with title, author/pseudonym
  • Back page with your creative vision statement and date. (You may choose to incorporate your vision statement across the collection or on a specific page in your collection instead.)


  • PDF book / presentation
  • Each composition, created in Photoshop or by hand and scanned, will be a page in your book.
  • IMPORTANT: If you use someone’s images, you must get permission or they must be in public domain. And you must cite the creator’s name either as part of the composition or on a credits page.

Creative Vision


  • The lens through which you see the world
  • Your unique “ways of seeing
  • A collection of values that are imbued with your cultures, families, friends, loves, hates, aspirations, successes, failures, inspirations, and devastations.
  • All the things that make you who you are
  • It’s what inspires your creative work

Lab: Defining Your Creative Vision

Make a list

Create a list with headings for each of the following. This is private. We won’t be sharing it, unless you want to.

  • cultures – list all of your cultures, not just your family background.
  • families & friends – list everyone that inspires or challenges you
  • loves – list everything you love
  • hates – list everything you hate, what makes you angry
  • aspirations – list everything you hope to do or be in the future
  • successes – list everything you have achieved, big and small
  • failures – list everything you have failed at or wish you could have done better
  • heartbreaks – list everything that makes your heart break
  • inspirations – list everything that inspires you or that you feel passionate about

Use this list to help you choose 8 images and 8 words that define your creative vision.

Discussion: Image and Text in Art

Lab: Combine Image & Text

Locate one image from the Visual Library (or elsewhere) and one word from the shared Glossary (or elsewhere) that when combined together communicate some aspect of your creative vision.

Take a moment to consider the orientation of you final book. Based on the examples we just looked at, would you like it to be horizontal or vertical?

Use this template for each composition you create for your book.

If you prefer to create your image and text compositions by hand, using pencil, paint, collage, etc, please do. You can scan your composition when you are done and place it into the Photoshop template.

Working in Photoshop

Open the template file in Photoshop and in a thoughtful way, combine the word and image together on the page.

  • Consider including the formal definition of the word or think about ways to repeat the word or similar words to communicate meaning.
  • Perhaps including a passage from a reading or essay makes sense.
  • Use blackout, concrete or cutout poetry techniques
  • Perhaps you’d like to keep the image and word separate from the image. Divide the page or isolate the word from the image using a shape.
  • Feel free to incorporate more than one language.
  • Be sure to consider the design principles we have covered thus far.


Homework Due Next Class

  • Create (4) text and image compositions for your Ways of Seeing Project using the template provided in class. Bring to class next week.
  • From now until the end of semester contribute images to the Visual Library and words to the shared Glossary that directly communicate creative vision. What do you value, love, or hate? What makes you feel deeply? What is your passion?

Materials Needed For Next Class

NOTE: Points are deducted from your final participation grade if you repeatedly come to class without your materials.

  • flash/thumbdrive