Field Trip Thursday, 10/17 at 2:15pm

We will meet at 2:15pm at the Brooklyn Historical Society to see An Opening: Artist Kameelah Janan Rasheed’s Sound and Art Installation (read more about the exhibition)

If you’d prefer to walk with a group, Prof. Rosen and I will leave from the Adams Street/Brooklyn Bridge Blvd. entrance at 2:00pm.

128 Pierrepont St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Field Trip Exercise

Find one work in the exhibition that surprised or inspired you; something you didn’t know about or that you’d like to learn more about.

Write 150+ words to explain the work and what exactly surprised or inspired you. Take a photo or video (if allowed), or make a sketch of the work.

  • Post to the class site with the title BHS Field Trip Reflection. Include the Category: Field Trip Reflections and the Tag: BHS. Include the photo, video or sketch in your post.

COMD Panel Discussion

Join Khary Randolph, Kwanza Osajyefo, and Joseph Illidge in the Grace Gallery today, 10/17 at 5:30pm for a discussion on storytelling, race, and the comic book medium.


Homework Due on Monday

  1. Complete Value Range Research
    • Post your (3) hand portraits to the Visual Library as a gallery. Include the tag: Value
    • Finish your 9-step value scale in pencil and bring to class.
  2. Complete Value Self Portraits
    • Post your portraits as a gallery to the Visual Library for critique.
    • Choose your best portrait and save the original (from your camera/phone) to Dropbox, GDrive or a thumb drive.
  3. Add your Field Trip post to the class site.
    • Make sure to use the Category: Field Trip Reflections

Materials Needed for Monday