Assignment #3 | Color Relations

Problem: Using your abstract black and white illustration of interrelated shapes as a template create 4 new illustrations: process color, spot color, gradient and pattern.

Limits: Each illustration should demonstrate a specific color relationship: Split-Complementary, Analogous, Triad and Monochromatic.

  1. Research /  Inspiration
    1. Look for examples of interesting color relationships in art, design, nature or everyday objects
    2. Document these observations in your sketchbook
  2. Experimentation / Iteration
    • In illustrator create a color wheel and experiment with several different variations of each color relationship (Split-Complementary, Analogous, Triad and Monochromatic.).
    • Choose those that are most successful and complement your shape relations illustration.
  3. Development of Skill and Craft
  4. Expression of Form, Emotions, Concepts, and Voice
    • Your illustration, while limited to by the constraints of the project, should express your unique voice or graphic style using basic design principles.
    • Show a connection between the original research and the final illustration
  5. Thoughtful Assessment (Critique or Written)
    • Bring all assignment parts to class.
    • Be prepared to present, discuss and analyze your finished work in terms of concept, craft, and what you learned.
    • State the following: your name, what you are presenting (title and design problem), which parts are successful and why, which parts are unsuccessful and why.
  6. Work Hour Tally
    • In the info section of your file, define the hours committed for each portion of the assignment, including dates and times.
  7. Submission
    • Your  illustration is due in the DropBox at the beginning of the next class meeting.
    • Label your files with your name and the title.
      • example:
      • example:
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