Assignment #1 | Favorite Food

  1. Research /  Inspiration
    • Think about and/or eat your favorite food.
      On page 1 of your sketchbook, write down the name and a description of the food.
    • Find or take 3 photographs of your favorite food – print them out.
      On page 2, add images (glue/tape).
  2. Experimentation / Iteration
    • On page 3 of your sketchbook, make at least 6 thumbnails in pencil of your favorite food.
    • Draw whatever you see. Draw quickly, without thinking or worrying about the quality of the drawing. JUST DRAW!
  3. Development of Skill and Craft
    • In Illustrator create a new document with the Document Profile: Basic CMYK.
    • Based on the sketches you created last week create a black and white illustration of your favorite food using only basic shapes and line tools.
    • Use the measurement, selection, and modify tools we used in the class demo.
    • Review this former student’s work for reference. Download AI file here.
  4. Expression of Form, Emotions, Concepts, and Voice
    • Your illustration, while limited to by the constraints of the project, should express your unique voice or graphic style using basic design principles.
    • Show a connection between the original research and the final illustration
  5. Thoughtful Assessment (Critique)
    1. Bring all assignment parts to class.
    2. Be prepared to present, discuss and analyze your finished work in terms of concept, craft, and what you learned.
    3. State the following: your name, what you are presenting (title and design problem), which parts are successful and why, which parts are unsuccessful and why.
  6. Work Hour Tally
    • In the info section of your file, define the hours committed for each portion of the assignment, including dates and times.
  7. Submission
    • Your  illustration is due in the DropBox at the beginning of the next class meeting.
    • Name your file: