Assignments & Experiments


  1. Basic Shapes: Favorite Food (DUE Week 3)
  2. Pen Tool: Shape Relations (DUE Week 4)
  3. Color: Shape Relations in Color (Due Week 6)


Week 2: Tools and Shapes: Pencil, Basic Shapes: Shape Chart (DUE Week 3)

Week3: Pen Tool Practice, Assignment #2 sample files (DUE Week 4)

Week4: Building Houses, Name Translation, Extra Credit (DUE Week 5)

Week05: Color Exercises (in-class)


Assignments and/or Experiments will be collected or critiqued at the beginning of each class. Points are taken away from your final grade for any assignment turned in late, missed or inadequately or partially completed. Only assignments that strictly adhere to documented instructions and are presented in a clean, professional manner will be accepted for credit.

Every assignment’s creative process will be documented in your sketch book and should demonstrate:

  1. Research or Inspiration
  2. Experimentation or Iteration
  3. Development of Skill, Craft and Voice
  4. Expression of Form, Emotions or Concepts
  5. Thoughtful Assessment (verbal and written)
  6. Significant work hours committed