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Week 12 | 11.25.09 | Combination Logo


  • Review symbol logos and offer feedback for improvement


Combination Logo: is one that combines both a symbol and the company name. The text can be integrated with the symbol or in well-considered proximity. The goal as a designer it to make sure both elements are combined into an unified whole and the chosen font communicates as much information about the brand as the symbol.

Choosing a Font: Creating a typeface worksheet is a good way of evaluating fonts that you like. Fonts, like software are designed by someone (a typeface designer) and most cost money to use. As a student, you can use the fonts available in the labs or free fonts. When you are out in the world designing for others, always purchase fonts out of respect for your fellow designers and to prevent legal consequences.

Integrating the Type: Once you have experimented with a few different fonts at large and small sizes (remember that your logo may be printed or projected as a large as banner and as small as business card), begin to integrate the type into the symbol logo. First step is to CREATE OUTLINES (Type > Create Outlines). This turns your editable type its editable vector objects. Observe the curves or angles of your symbol logo and the type. Play around with the relationships between both.  You may manipulate the type slightly to help integrate it with the symbol, but not to point of illegibility. The finished combination logo should have an obvious relationship between the type and symbol. It should not look as though the type was just thrown in next to it.


  1. Create a typeface worksheet, if you haven’t already.
  2. Refine your symbol logo, based on feedback.
  3. Integrate your name into your symbol logo to create a combination logo.


Come prepared with the following files for Assignment #4. We will begin work on the final project next week!

Your logo folder (jsmith_logo) should include:

  1. Symbol Logo:
  2. Combination Logo:
  3. Typeface Worksheet:
  4. IMPORTANT: Turn all fonts to outline