Class 15 | 12.16.09 | Final Project DUE


Optimizing images for online distribution (GIF, JPG)

  1. Set the Document Color Mode is set to RGB. (You may need to adjust your color swatches after conversion.)
  2. Set the artboard size to 640×480.
  3. Make sure there are no stray points or paths around the image. Choose Object > Path > Clean Up
  4. Select all (Command + A) and holding down the shift key resize your portrait to fit on the artboard.
  5. Select the Crop Area tool from the Tools palette and adjust the bounding box to crop your image.
  6. Go to File > Save For Web.
  7. Select the 2-Up Tab in the upper left corner. This will allow you to see your original and optimized image at the same time.
  8. Select GIF from the Preset Menu = Selective, Diffusion, Uncheck Transparency, Colors > 256, Dither 100%, Web Snap 0%. Use this screen shot for reference. (If the preview in the optimized tab looks speckled or if you’ve used gradients, you may need to save your file as a jpg (Use this screen shot for reference.)
  9. Click Save.
  10. Name this file with your firstinitiallastname_final_color.gif


Present your Final Project : Chromatic Portraits to the class as a committed, professional designer.

  • State your name, what you are presenting (title and design problem), which parts are successful and why, which parts are unsuccessful and why.
  • Why you chose the color reference you did?
  • How does the choice of palette affect the psychological mood of the portrait?

Your peers will offer constructive criticism, based on the following:

  • Quality and craft; demonstrated use of vector art tools, such as:
    • closed, filled paths to develop the structure of your portrait
    • effective organization of named layers
    • well-crafted paths that utilize corner, smooth and combination points with economy.
  • Successful application of mid-tones, shadows and highlights using tints and shades from your 3 color reference palette


  • Check your grade next Monday. If you have questions or concerns, let me know right away.
  • Thanks for a great class. Have a good break!