Week 11 | 11.18.09 | More Pathfinder Logo Design

Critique / Discussion

  • Present your logo sketches/work-in-progress to the class.
  • Ask your peers to list some words to describe your logo. Are any of them on your list of 10 words?



  • DUE: Complete Assignment #4: Symbol Logo
  • Research: From the web or a magazine find an example of a type logo and icon logo used together. Notice how the two elements relate to each other. Write a paragraph about how the two elements work together to get the branding message across. Here are two examples:
  • Typeface Selection to work with your icon logo.
    Do some real research and find a font that will work with your icon logo. We will be creating a type logo to accompany our icon logo. Research font styles. Make an informed decision as to the reason why you will use a specific font. Think about your product (you). The font you choose should reflect the persona of the product. When you find a font you want to use, consider how you will modify it to work with your icon logo.
  • Create a typeface worksheet
    Use the non-typographer’s guide to practical typeface selection, to help you choose a typeface for your logo.
    1. Make a list of those “familiar” typefaces that you trust and know will work well in a variety of projects. (Review links from Week 7- Working with Fonts)
    2. Supplement that list with a list of “unfamiliar” typefaces that address any specific objectives for the project at hand.
    3. Test each typeface at small and large sizes
    4. Test both caps and lowercase
    5. Use this sample as a guide.