Class 9 | 11.04.09 | MIDTERM CRIT


Present your Midterm Project : Plastic Propaganda Postcard to the class as a committed, professional designer.

Your peers will offer constructive criticism, based on the following:

  • Does your tag-line, illustration, and 1-line description/solution adhere to the project guidelines?
  • Does your imagery support the tag-line?
  • Is your plastic propaganda postcard convincing?
  • Do you know your project topic backwards and forwards?
  • Are speaking in a clear, professional, confident manner?

The class will vote on the 2 most successful projects.


  • Preparing for Print (see previous post)


Go to or this Corporate Identity Catalog to see some logos that have stood the test of time.

  • Choose one logo, print it out and and in your sketchbook, mount the logo and write a paragraph discussing why it is successful.
  • Also take a look at Corporate Identity Resources and view how companies create very specific guidelines for use of their logos and branding.