Week 8 | Midterm Work


Present your work-in-progress to the class.

  • Does your tag-line, illustration, and 1-line description/solution adhere to the project guidelines?
  • Does your imagery support the tag-line?
  • Is your plastic propaganda postcard convincing?


  • Continue project work in class


  • Midterm Project is due — NO EXCUSES.
    • Re-read the Midterm Project Description to make sure you have followed the guidelines. This is a MAJOR factor in your grade. A beautifully crafted project is great, but useless to the client if it does not fulfill the client needs/goals.
    • If you have not completed your midterm project, you are still required to come to class to participate in the critique.
    • Come prepared to present your project to the class, as if you are presenting to a client. Do you know your project topic backwards and forwards? You will present your work as a committed, professional designer.
  • All classwork is due. If you’d like to turn in re-worked versions of your previous assignments for an improved grade, be sure to name your files with the correct project title and the version number.
    • For Example: jsmith_process_v2.ai
  • Send me an email with your full name and the last four digits of your Social Security number. Use the Contact Form on this site. This will allow me to enter you into the grading system.