Week 3 | Paths & the Pen Tool


Review Assignment #1 : Favorite Food

  • Photographs, writing, thumbnails
  • Put illustrations in the Dropbox with proper file naming convention. Example: jsmith_food.ai
  • Review final illustrations, looking at file organization (Layers) and Add to Shape (Pathfinder Palette)

Review Basic Shapes Chart and Pencil Lab

  • Put illustrations in the Dropbox with proper file naming convention.
    Example: jsmith_pencil.ai and jsmith_shapes_chart.ai


Path Types

  • open paths
  • closed path
  • curved path
  • straight path

Path Components

  • anchor point
  • corner point
  • combination point
  • smooth point
  • direction lines
  • direction handles


Bezier Pen Tool Practice

  • Drag the week03 folder to your desktop.
    ADGA2 Server ( jspevack > public > classfiles > week03)
  • In this Lab we will practice the following:
    • Drawing and editing free-form paths
    • Creating Bezier paths with the Pen Tool
    • Manipulating and reshaping paths
    • The Path menu: Join (if time allows)

Introduction to Assignment #2: Shape Relations

  1. Research / Inspiration
    • Look for examples of interesting contour shape relationships in art, design, nature or everyday objects
    • For example: wood grain on a cabinet, the top of a pine cone, a child’s puzzle, cobblestones or sidewalk or stone path
    • Document these observations in your sketchbook
  2. Experimentation / Iteration
    • Make at least 6 thumbnails in pencil of free-form shape relationships.
    • Start with one shape and the create another shape that follows the path of the first.
  3. Examples for Reference:

  4. Complete the rest of Assignment #2 (DUE NEXT CLASS)

Homework | Week 3

  1. Assignment #2 (DUE NEXT CLASS)
  2. Bezier Pen Tool Labs (practice)