Week 1 | The Beginning


Verbal presentations are an integral part of this course.  To get started, we will go around the room and introduce ourselves (2 min. each). Please follow the guidelines below:

  1. State your full name.
  2. Your life goal or philosophy (no, really– seriously).
  3. Describe your favorite food — and why it’s your favorite*. Do not say the name.
    * “It’s cool”, or “I like it”, or “It’s tasty” are not acceptable descriptions of why.

Course Overview




In your sketchbook, designate 3 pages for a new project.

  1. Research /  Inspiration
    1. Think about and/or eat your favorite food.
      On page 1, write down the name and a description of the food.
    2. Find or take 3 photographs of your favorite food – print them out.
      On page 2, add images (glue/tape).
  2. Experimentation / Iteration
    • On page 3, make at least 6 thumbnails in pencil of your favorite food.
    • Draw whatever you see. Draw quickly, without thinking or worrying about the quality of the drawing. JUST DRAW!

Bring your sketch book to class.