Project #4 Quiz

This quiz covers the principles and elements covered in Project #4 - Saturation.

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QUESTION: The business cards in this image use muted colors along with black, white and gray.

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QUESTION: As a general design rule, using fully saturated complementary colors is not recommended. Why is the use of green and red complementary colors successful in this Mountain Dew logo and website? Select one or more responses.

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QUESTION: This exhibition poster by Alfred Roller for the Museum of Applied Arts (1902) has a cool color temperature.

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QUESTION: This image is an example of the primary and secondary triads found which color system?

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QUESTION: Which of the following statements are correct? Select all that apply.

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QUESTION: Which color system is called the Additive Color Model and is used create digital images viewed on a monitor, projector, or mobile device?

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QUESTION: In this painting by Jacob Lawrence, which color has the greatest luminosity?

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