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ADGA Pre-Registration Info Session

The ADGA department is holding an information session to guide students through the degree program modules and registration choices.

  • Date: October 25, 12:45-2pm (Club Hour)
  • Location: Namm 1118
  • Hosts: Department Chair, Prof. Biehl and the ADGA full-time faculty

Attending this session will help you to make better choices when registering for your classes next semester.

Please join us!

Great work!

Everyone did a great job on Thursday. Thanks for making it such a productive class!

If you have questions about the assignment due on Thursday, please contact me with questions.

Remember that you homework is to:

  • Create a final inked version of your Pattern Mashup on a piece of 9′x12″ bristol board.
  • Come prepared to present your finished work to the class.
  • Materials Needed for NEXT CLASS (Thursday, September 27): 14″x17″ Bristol, ruler/t-square, pencils, inking pens, knife/scissors, cutting mat, collage materials, or any materials or medium of your choice.




2 Interesting Facts:

  1. Professor Spevack built her first website in September 1996.
  2. This Thursday, September 20, 2012 our class will be held online.

Please make arrangements to be at a computer with internet access from 2:30-5pm.

Be sure to have your Creative Process Book and drawing pencils on hand. This is a working class.

Contact me with questions.

“See” you then!