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Class 4 | Lab

Assignment Review (1o min)

  1. Take a moment to read through the Assignment #1 project guidelines.
  2. Reform your groups from last class and discuss the project goal and requirements.
  3. Make sure you are all in agreement.
  4. Send 1 ambassador from your group to another group to explain the project guidelines.


  1. Demonstration: Large, cut paper compositions
    • Materials Needed: 1 sheet 14×17″ Bristol, black paper, scissors, exacto knife, cutting mat, glue, ruler/t-square, pencils, tape.
  2. In-Class Work: Complete Assignment #1: Cut Paper Compositions
  3. Individual meetings with Professor.


  1. In your Creative Process Book, at the end of the View from My Window section, document your “Thoughtful Assessment” and “Work Tally”.
  2. ALL ASSIGNMENT #1 WORK IS DUE: Bring all parts of Assignment #1 to class for critique. Check project guidelines for details.
  3. Materials needed next class:
    • Creative Process Book, pencils (wide range from 4h to 4B), inking pens (range from thick to thin).
    • Your favorite piece of music on CD or flash drive.