Class 14 | Work Class


Students will present BOTH completed collages to the class.

  • (1) Narrow Value Range: either high-key or low-key
  • (1) Broad Value Range
Turn in your Friday class independent work for credit.


Materials Needed:

  • black and white gouache, 9×12″ bristol, palette, water containers, rag, brushes, portrait collages

Assignment #3: Paintings

Once collage compositions are critiqued and approved, work on your paintings (Broad and Narrow Value composition)

  • On a piece of clean, 9×12″ bristol trace or measure the dimensions of your collage squares from the exercise above. Depending on the size of your compositions- one composition per 9×12″ bristol will be best.
  • Using your Value Scale as a guide, recreate (in gouache paint) each photographic square using a range of black, white, and gray values- achieving continuous tone in areas where highlight and shadow blend together.
  • Do not worry about accurately rendering an eye, nose or ear, think only in terms of value, the boundaries of each value shape relationship.
  • Notice how some values crossover shape boundaries into adjoining areas (open-value), while others are limited by the edges of the shape (closed-value).
  • Remember to work on each square independently and protect your finished painting with tracing paper as you work. Gouache is very delicate and can easily pick up the dirt and oils from your hands.
  • When you have completed your first composition carefully protect all elements with a piece of clean tracing paper and cardboard. Then start work on the second.
  • We will cut and mount both the paintings together in the next class.


  • Complete BOTH paintings (Due Class 15)
  • Materials needed: make sure you have purchased all gouache colors on materials list (or full color set). We may use them next class, depending on the status of the class assignments.