Class 6 | Line, Rhythm & Pattern


  • Review Elements and Principles from last class
  • Discuss examples of Repetition in web design from Design Meltdown
  • Examine different types of Pattern design from Artlandia and examples in class.


Assignment #2 | Aural Topographies

  1. Critique of  Line Networks : Monotony and Variety
    • Use vocabulary: Rhythm, Variety, Pattern, Repetition and Unity.
    • What works, what doesn’t work?
  2. Pattern Exercise: Staccato / Legato Patterns
  3. Work in class.

Homework (UPDATE)

  1. Complete Writing Exercise & Monotony and Variety Line Networks. See Assignment #2 page for details.
  2. Work more on your Staccato / Legato Patterns. See Assignment #2 page for details. We will complete these in the next class. Come prepared to work.
  3. Materials Needed: 9″x12″ Bristol, ruler/t-square, pencils, inking pens, knife/scissors, cutting mat, collage materials or any materials of your choice.