Supply List

Highlighted items are required NOW.


  • pad of plate Bristol board (9”x12” 2-ply smooth plate finish)
  • pad of plate Bristol board (14”x17” 2-ply smooth plate finish)
  • sketch book (9”x12”, spiral bind)
  • black drawing paper (1 sheet approx. 18″x24” or larger)
  • basic portfolio to hold and protect your work

General Supplies:

  • small box or travel container for your supplies
  • 1 self-healing cutting mat 9×12”
  • 1 roll white drafting tape
  • cotton rags (old white t-shirts)
  • small craft scissors (pointed end)
  • Exacto knife and blades (#11)
  • ruler (metal, 12”)
  • t-square ruler (metal, 15”)
  • triangles (12”, combo set)
  • mod podge and several glue sticks
  • old magazines

Painting Supplies:

  • gouache paints (Windsor & Newton tubes: black, permanent white, alizarin crimson, scarlet, lemon yellow, golden yellow, ultramarine blue deep, sky blue, burnt sienna, yellow ocher, Payne’s gray, raw umber, or COLOR THEORY SET and two additional tubes of white)
    *PLEASE CHECK WITH WC Art Supply to see if they have the Reeves 18 Color Gouache Set for $13.99
  • paint brushes (sable-type watercolor brushes— FLAT:  ½ ”, #2, #3, #5 and soft ROUND: ½” for mixing paint)
  • small jars with tops (set of 4)
  • palette (round 10-well)
  • water container + paper towels

Drawing Supplies:

  • graphite pencils (Venus or similar 6B, 2B, HB, 2H, 4H)
  • pencil sharpener (basic metal)
  • eraser (magic rub, mars or gum)
  • inking pens (Pigma Micron .02, .05, and Pigma brush – or similar)

Digital Supplies:

  • Hard drive, flash drive, or CD’s to backup
  • Digital camera or phone with camera and cable