Class 29 | 12.14.09 | Color Inventory


  • Review Design & Color Vocabulary and Concepts
  • As we go through the review, add each vocabulary word to your Creative Process Book and include a small drawing or example that represents each Principle and Element.


  • Color Harmony Palettes: Analogous & Split Complementary
  • Color References


  • Proportional Inventory
    • Choose a color reference: your favorite sweater, household object, advertisement, photograph, book cover, etc.
    • Create a 6 color inventory palette that proportionally represents your color reference. If the majority of your reference is blue-violet with secondary hues of yellow and gold, then the palette should reflect this.
  • Free-Study – Color Harmony
    • Using your Proportional Color Inventory create a 9×12″ or larger composition of your choice that demonstrates the concepts we covered in our Color Progression and Harmony Studies.
    • Your composition should use hues chosen from your color reference with at least 1 color progression (tints, shades or hues)
    • Use your own forms of expression and experiment with process: collage, stippling, tearing, cutting, direct painting, taping, stenciling, blotting.
    • As will previous free-studies, research, thumbnails, color tests, consideration of overall compositional balance between figure and ground, unity, and communication of a clear concept or theme is important!
    • This is your FINAL PROJECT. Review all previous assignments and vocabulary. Incorporate one principle and/or element from each assignment.


Bring to class:

  • Your best work from the semester (if it’s not currently with the Prof.).
  • A sturdy portfolio to collect your past work.
  • Your Creative Process Book; review the section in Understanding Your Grade.
  • Any re-worked or late assignments.