COMD Class 30 | Final Critique

December 21, 2015

COMD1100 / ENG1101 at the Cooper Hewitt.

COMD1100 / ENG1101 at the Cooper Hewitt.

LAST DAY! All work is due!

  1. PROJECT #6
    • Phase 1-4 (posted to the Class Blog)
    • Bring Proportional Color Inventory and Humument (to turn in)
  2. Materials:
    • a portfolio to take your work home
    • your Humument
    • colored pencils, paints, pens, color materials of your choice to complete the final Humument page for Project #6.


  • Turn in all work that has not been graded including all parts of Project #6 and any make up/reworked projects.
  • Make sure the class site has all required content from Projects 1-6.
  • Grades will be posted by December 28th.

Work Pickup

  • Collect your previously graded work today.
  • Check this website and your City Tech email to find out when to pickup Projects #5 and #6.


  • Take a field trip once a week and CREATE something everyday.
  • You’ve been an excellent class- very inspiring and lots of fun. Please keep in touch!

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