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COMD Class 29 | Field Trip + Color Inventory + Humument

December 16, 2015

What’s DUE?

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Cooper Hewitt Field Trip:

  • BRING YOUR STUDENT ID! Or else you will have to pay an entrance fee.
  • A snack and bottle of water
  • Small notebook/sketchbook and pencils

Lab/Field Trip


At the Museum:

  • Using the interactive pen, “collect” objects from the museum collection and save them as sources for your Proportional Color Inventory.
  • Find a reference that reflects your Humument theme and has the following elements:
    1. Dominant color, Sub-Dominant color, and Accent color.
    2. A tint or shade

After the Museum:

Review PROJECT #6 : Phase #3 guidelines very closely and complete:

  1. Proportional Color Inventory
  2. Humument book cover

Contact me with questions!


LAST DAY! All work is due!

  1. PROJECT #6
    • Phase 1-4 (posted to the Class Blog)
    • Bring Proportional Color Inventory and Humument (to turn in)
  2. Review the class outlines for Class 1-29, all six Project guidelines, Understanding Your Grade, and Check Your Grade. This is your last chance to complete or rework your projects to improve your grade. You will not have time in class.
  3. Materials:
    • a portfolio to take your work home.
    • your Humument
    • colored pencils, paints, pens, color materials of your choice to complete the final Humument page for Project #6.

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